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I have been exposed to gambling at a very early age. Since I was about 6 years old, I watched my relatives drink alcohol and bond while playing card games such as blackjack, pusoy dos and tong-its. I was instantly fascinated by how the game worked and of course, how to win and keep on winning. I learned many games over the years such as blackjack, poker, mahjong, bingo, and casino slots. My first time experiencing playing casino slots was when I was around 10 years old. I would like to clarify something before you think that it is not right to let a 10-year old play slots in a casino. I was actually playing slots in a Pokemon game through my Nintendo Gameboy. I remember entering the huge place that is Celadon City; there was the five-storey department store, Pokemon Center, Poke Mart, and the crown jewel of the city: The Game Corner. I spent a lot of time playing slot machines in that place; celebrating wins, puching the air with close victories, and vowing to make up for losses. The most rewarding part was exchanging my slot winnings for in-game items like rare Pokemons such as Dratini, Scyther, and Porygon and TM’s (Pokemon attack moves) such as Hyper Beam and Dragon Rage. I eventually moved on to other things as I outgrew playing Pokemon games but the longing of playing slot machines was still ingrained in my mind.

I eventually learned about online casinos and I was very happy to know that slot machines can also be played and enjoyed online. I, along with many other online casino players, love playing online slots for the following reasons:

Simplicity. Online slot machines are one of the simplest online casino games, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out its gameplay.

Convenience. Like other online casino games, you can play slots on your phone or in your computer. You can enjoy it anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. I can sit comfortably at home while playing slot games without worrying about other things.

Privacy. Traditional casinos are filled with curious onlookers who want to look at you play and players who also want to chat with you. For people who value their privacy, online slot machines are perfect for you as you can concentrate and enjoy the game without other people disturbing you.

Rewards and Bonuses. Since there are many online casinos nowadays, companies try to be more creative and generous in coming up with their exclusive rewards and bonuses. Make sure you do your homework in surveying the rewards and bonuses before selecting your online slot machines platform.

Visual Appeal. As the culinary world says, “People eat first with their mouths”. This is also true when it comes to online slot machines. Online casino platforms design their slot machines to be visually gorgeous to attract players.

These are only some of the reasons why I love online slot machine games, I am sure that you will find your own reasons to like this game as you do your own research and by experiencing to play it.

Online Slot Machines and How they work

Looking back at history, slot machines were created for casual casino players and to primarily serve as an alternative when the major casino games like poker and blackjack are filled with players. Through the years, slot machines became a major success for many casinos and even surpassed the older more established and more traditional casino games. Players of all ages can enjoy slot machines even with minimal bet, gambling knowledge, and skills.

You can play slot machines by pulling a handle or a lever which then rotates the different symbols in the machine. The goal of the game is for the player to line up the same images, horizontally or diagonally. The payout depends on the amount of your bet and on how many images you successfully lineup. The simplicity of playing slot machines has contributed to its major success, it has also continued its popularity in online casinos.

Selecting an online casino platform to play slot machine games

The first thing that you have to do to play online slots is to choose which online casino platform you are going to play on. Here are some things to consider when doing so:

Legitimacy. Always choose legitimate and licensed online casinos. There was news the past few months wherein players lost money to illegal gambling sites. Furthermore, the money in their e-wallet accounts were also accessed by these sites. Do not be easily swayed by famous personalities and social media influencers who promote online casinos in their vlogs. Do your own research, play only in licensed online casinos.

Special promotions and bonuses. Since there are many online casinos nowadays, companies come up with creative ways to attract potential players. Compare and contrast bonuses and promotions that each online casino platform may offer and select the one that best suits you.

Free games. Try to choose online casinos which offer free games for online slots. In this way, you can keep on practicing without the risk of losing your money.

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Playing Online Slot Machine Games in the Philippines

After conducting due diligence in researching the right online casino platform for me, I decided to sign up and play online slot machines at me88 Philippines. This online casino is easy to navigate and their online customer support is also of high quality. Aside from online slots, they also have other games to offer such as card games, fish shooting games, bingo games, sports games, lottery games, and 3D games. I was surprised by the number and variety of online slot machine games from which I can choose from; different themes, designs, soundtracks, and payouts. The visual designs were especially a feast for my eyes.

I first practiced and watched Youtube videos to somehow improve my chances of winning. After that, I decided to play and set my budget at 1000.00 pesos since I was only playing it for the first time. Call it beginner’s luck or what but I managed to grow my 1000.pesos to around 1,700.00 pesos. I also liked the fact that the online casino also offered free spins. I decided to stop for the day since my luck may soon run out.

The next day, my luck was somehow lukewarm. Wins and losses seemed to take turns in my games which made me think, is there a strategy to win online slot machine games? So I did my research through the internet by reading online slot machine discussions in forums and by asking other online slot machine players.

Strategies and Tips to hit that online slot machine jackpot

Although online slot machine games rely less on strategy as compared to other online casino games, there is still some sort of strategy that you can use to improve your chances of winning. Here are some tips that I discovered upon doing further research:

Choose your online slot machine carefully. Each online slot machine game has their own rules and regulations set in place. They also have different features such as payouts and bonuses. Select your online slot machine game and try to be very good at it. Also check the return to player (RTP) percentage rates to determine the right and the best game for you.

Choose an online slot machine with bonus features. Select a slot machine that has bonus features. You may have a chance to increase your winnings by up to five, ten, twenty times or even more.

Do not treat online slots as a source of income. One of the downfalls of many online slot machine players is treating it as their source of livelihood. When lady luck runs out, many players keep on playing in the hopes of winning their losses back. Sit back, have fun, and enjoy the game.


Playing online slot machine games is a simple and fun game that can be enjoyed by players of all types and ages. It has undergone rapid development over the years so much so that you can feel that you are playing in a physical casino.

Just like other things in life, too much obsession over something can be bad in the long run and that includes playing online slots as well. Do not make online slot machine games your source of income, instead treat it as a game where you can spend time and have fun. One of the downfalls of many players is believing that a win is bound to happen soon in the midst of their long losing streak; do not let this mindset consume you. Instead, take a break, gather your thoughts, and live to play another day. Harness self-control whether you are winning or losing. Finally, remember to play in legitimate and licensed online casinos only, by playing in illegal online casinos you do not only risk your money but your digital information as well. With all of these things in mind, go ahead and play online slot machine games and get the jackpot you are longing for. Happy gaming!

Mark Maglasang
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