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Online Sports Betting Philippines: A Thrilling and Rewarding Experience

With 0.5 seconds left on the clock, Green passes to Curry, Curry for 3.. bang! bang! The Warriors win the game!” Imagine Mike Breen shouting his iconic catchphrase as you also celebrate at home as a Warriors fan. As someone from the opposite side, imagine their despair with that devastating loss. However as fans, our celebration stops at that, we are not officially part of the team or the athlete that we idolize. What could make the victory sweeter is by participating in sports betting. Imagine turning your small bet to ten times or even fifty times more. As Filipinos, we are exposed to the world of sports betting in our homes, workplace, and even in the streets. Placing bets on PBA basketball games, Efren Reyes, and of course betting on the boxing matches of the great Manny Pacquiao. The good news is there is now easy access to online sports betting in the Philippines.

What is sports betting? In simple terms, it is the act of placing bets on sports events such as basketball, boxing, billiards, horse racing, and many other sports. It can sometimes be related to who wins or losses, how many rebounds a particular player will get, what round the opponent will be knocked out, the ending digits of the score in a basketball game and many more particular things that you can bet on. Fortunately for sports enthusiasts, online sports betting is perfectly legal in the Philippines – granted of course that you place your bets in licensed online sports betting platforms. To determine its legality ,the sports betting platform should be approved and licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

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How do I select an online sports betting site?

Identifying the best sport betting sites in the Philippines can be a difficult task, however, you can evaluate certain aspects before deciding which platform to put your bets on. Here are some of the things that you can consider:

Coverage. A quality sports betting site offers up-to-date coverage of the sporting events that they have. They should also cover a wide range of sports such as basketball, MMA and baseball.

Legitimacy. Just like other forms of businesses, sports betting sites should also be licensed by the proper authorities such as PAGCOR, UK Gambling Commission, and Malta Gaming Authority.

Promotions and bonuses. Just like other casino games, you should also watch out for bonuses and promotions offered by various sports betting platforms. Some of these bonuses are welcome bonus, free bet bonus, and cashback bonus.

Excellent reviews. Some sports betting sites are better than others when it comes to promotions, bonuses, payments, and the overall quality. Read or watch reviews, take notes before deciding what sports betting site to put your bets on.

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Which sports should I bet on?

We all know that the Philippines is a basketball crazy nation, but what other sports offers exciting opportunities in terms of online sports betting? Here are some popular sports to put your bets on:

Basketball. As mentioned above, the Philippines loves basketball. The most popular basketball leagues among Filipinos are PBA, FIBA World Cup, Olympic Basketball, and the ever so popular NBA. The great news is that basketball seems to be present all year round, the NBA in particular runs for about 8 months with games conducted on a regular basis. There are also various betting opportunities such as who scores more in a quarter, who wins/losses, who wins the conference, who gets the most rebounds, and many other things.

Football. Although soccer is not as popular as basketball in the Philippines, it still presents many opportunities for online sports betting. Leagues such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA, and Olympic Football present exciting and sometimes unpredictable outcomes which makes betting all the more exciting.

Boxing. Another popular sport in the Philippines due to Manny Pacquiao’s prominence, boxing presents exciting opportunities for online sports betting. You can bet if the fight ends by knockout or decision and bet on what round the fight ends.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). When it comes to MMA, the UFC is the promotion to be when it comes to the biggest and most exciting fights. One advantage that MMA has for betting over boxing is its frequency of fights and pay-per-views.

Other sports such as horse racing, billiards, Formula 1, tennis, American Football, rugby, baseball present good opportunities for online sports betting as well.

Which sport is for you?

There is no single answer to the best sport to put your bets on, it comes down mostly to the specifics of your bet. However, you can consider the following things when selecting the right sport for you:

  • Choose a sport that you are passionate about. Online sports betting is more exciting and meaningful when you like the sport of your choosing.
  • Choose a sport that you are knowledgeable about. Somehow related to number 1, it is better when you select a sport you love and a sport that you know many things about. It is quite reckless to put your bet on a football match when you absolutely know nothing about the teams, players, or even the sport itself.
  • Choose a specific league. Different sports have different leagues that run them, it can be local events or international events. Select a league that you are very familiar with such as the NBA or PBA. Some leagues also have negative reputation when it comes to game outcomes, it is highly suggested that you avoid betting on such as perception of predetermined outcomes is highly widespread.

How do I place wagers in online sports betting?

1. Choose a sports betting site. After doing your research on different sports book, choose one that you will bet on. If you are not satisfied with the betting platform, try another one.

2. Create an account and log in. Create your account. Do not share your account details with anyone.

3. Deposit an initial amount. Online sports betting platforms will require you to make an initial deposit.

4. Select a sport to bet on. Choose a sport and a league that you will place your bet on like the NBA, PBA, UFC, or FIFA World Cup.

5. Place your bet. Online sports betting platforms require you to place a minimum bet. Do not go all in with your first bet, try to get a feel of how online sports betting works.

How can I improve my chances of winning?

Players want to win and make the most of their bets. Here are some tips to improve your chances of winning at online sports betting:

Learn the fundamentals. Learning the basics of online sports betting is extremely important. You simply do not want to place money on something that you have no understanding of.

Set a budget and try to stick to it. Winning is not guaranteed on every bet you place so it is crucial that you set a spending limit.

Set aside your bias. Do not simply bet on a team or a specific athlete just because you idolize them. If you think that the opposing team has a better chance of winning, then it would be wise to place your bet on them.

Research, research, and research. Unlike other online casino games, strategy plays a lot of dividends when it comes to sports betting. Do your research on the sport, the teams, the athletes, the team schedule, player tendencies, and other things that might improve your chances of winning big. Be up to date with player injuries, player match ups, home court performance, and other factors that might affect the outcome. Updating yourself with the athletes’ personal lives might even prove to be useful in deciding the specifics of your bets.

Join an online betting forum. Another helpful tip is to join a betting forum. In this way, you can expand your knowledge by asking other more experienced bettors or by simply reading discussion threads.

Online sports betting can be an enjoyable and even profitable activity given the proper time and preparation. As with other forms of online gambling, winning is not a 100% guarantee for online sports betting; it depends on your knowledge, preparation, the internal factors that affect a team or a player’s performance, and some luck as well. Place your bets, have fun, and hope for the best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe and legal to bet online?

Yes! It is safe and legal to bet online as long as the sports book is licensed by the proper authorities such as PAGCOR and Malta Gaming Authority.

What sports should I bet on?

There is no singular best sport to bet on but some of the popular sports in the Philippines to bet on are basketball, boxing, and MMA.

Can I win consistently at sports betting?

Just like other games of chances, winning is not fully guaranteed as well. With the right strategic approach, you can somehow improve your chances.

How do I improve my chances of winning?

Research is the key to improving your chances of winning. Get to know the player, the teams, the schedule, and other factors that might come into play.

What sports betting sites can you recommend?

Some of the sites that we can recommend are OK Bet, Bet 88, GG Bet, Jiliko, BK8, and Mega Casino World. There are other sports betting platforms, do proper research before selecting one.