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The developing country of the Philippines usually lacks behind technological advancements as compared to first-world countries and that includes developments in bingo games. Philippine bingo games are commonly held in the traditional setting of playing in bingo halls and other physical venues, it was only last year when a Philippine-based company was officially given a license to launch their online bingo. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) granted an online bingo license to Leisure and Resorts World Corporation (LRWC) last January 2022 and they launched their online bingo in February 2022. The COVID pandemic limited the public gatherings for a number of years and many people were used to staying and working at homes. The launch of LRWC’s online bingo was good news for many bingo enthusiasts as they can play and enjoy bingo remotely. Aside from the online bingo launched by LRWC, they also set-up several traditional bingo venues throughout the country to cater to the more traditional bingo players. Traditional and online bingo has continued its popularity in the Filipino community for the following reasons:

Ease of accessibility. Traditional venues and online venues cater to all kinds of bingo players. These physical venues are easy to find since they are mostly located in public spaces. On the other hand, virtual venues are also easy to navigate; both young and old players can easily learn how to go about playing bingo online.

Simplicity. Unlike other online casino games like poker and baccarat, bingo is simple and easy to learn. That is one of the several reasons why it is so popular.

Bingo as a social event. For many people, bingo is more than just a game. It presents the opportunity to socialize with others who may or may not share the same interests with you. Online bingo also gives the same opportunity, there are online rooms where players can chat, play, and socialize.

As a competitive individual myself, I am fascinated by games of different forms; sports, board games, card games, online and offline video games, and traditional and online casino games as well. The thrill of tasting the sweet victory over other competitive players and the agony of defeat made life all the more interesting. One better way to make a victory more meaningful is by winning rewards.

I recently learned about online bingo and I was immediately fascinated by it. Many Filipinos are exposed to bingo from their childhood years. People play bingo in family gatherings, malls, fundraising events, and sometimes even in funerals. Needless to say, bingo is very much ingrained in the Filipino DNA. I remember the excitement of closing in on the winning pattern and shouting B-I-N-G-O! That was truly one of the most memorable moments of my life. Taking home that two-burner stove made me want to play and win more bingo games. Unfortunately, as life became busier and as adulthood took over, I found less time to play games, less time to play bingo. Luckily, I discovered online bingo through a friend. That was indeed music to my ears. Playing bingo at the comfort of my home? Count me in!

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Researching Online Bingo in the Philippines

As someone who belongs in the millennial generation, we are often considered as adept to modern technology. While that is mostly true, I still have my doubts when engaging in online activities as one wrong decision could spell potential disasters. That is especially true when engaging in online activities that involve your hard earned money. Playing bingo online might seem like an intimidating task at first  but it can be managed with proper research and preparation Here are some of the things that I researched and eventually considered when selecting the right platform to play online bingo:

Legitimacy. Check and verify if the online bingo platform is licensed and regulated. This is to ensure that your money will be properly put into play.

Generous prizes, bonuses and promotions. Check for welcome bonuses, free bingo cards, loyalty rewards, prizes, and other bonuses that an online bingo game may offer.

Chat room. Bingo chat room facilities should be considered when selecting the right online bingo platform for you. This is the place where you can take a break after playing online bingo and a place where you can socialize with other players. Ask for tips and strategies for a better chance at winning.

Mobile applications. Try to choose online bingo platforms that can be accessed on your mobile phones. Plus points if they have their own dedicated app so you can play anytime and anywhere.

Other things that I also considered were banking and payment options, quality of customer support, the website’s interface, and the variety of bingo games that the platform offers.

I also joined bingo Facebook groups based in the Philippines to ask for recommendations from other bingo enthusiasts. Reading online bingo platform reviews through Reddit or other sites and watching Youtube videos also helped me with my decision on what online bingo platform to use. Ask help from others, you will be surprised at how helpful they can be.

Getting to know Bingo Online in the Philippines

I mostly played bingo in the most simple of ways that is why I was amazed with how many types there are:

Pattern bingo. This is an exciting bingo game where you have to complete a pattern to win. It can be a number, a letter, or any pattern that the game master says. The harder the pattern, the bigger the potential reward will be.

Blackout bingo. This is sometimes called full house bingo where you must mark all the numbers in your card.

Ball bingo. Also referred to as speed bingo. This is a fast paced bingo game where numbers are called quickly. Pay attention and mark the numbers immediately to win.

75-ball bingo. This bingo game consists of 5 horizontal lines and 5 columns.

These are only some of the types of online bingo games that are offered by online bingo platforms. Study and understand these games for better chances of winning.

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

After doing my research on legitimate online bingo platforms and after brushing up on my bingo knowledge, I was ready to finally dive into the world of online bingo. I went to my selected online bingo platform and started my bingo adventures.

The online bingo room was alive and busy both with veteran bingo players and with rookie bingo players as well. I tried connecting with other bingo players and was amazed with their friendliness towards other players. Some of the players even congratulated the winners. I decided to join blackout bingo first as this is the game where I am most familiar and comfortable with.

I was beaming with excitement as the first few numbers were called since they matched my bingo cards. Alas! My luck would soon run out as other players were able to complete their cards first. I also tried my hand with the 30-ball bingo. I was shocked with how fast paced that game was. No wonder it’s called speed bingo!

I could have been disheartened by my two bingo losses but I hoped for better luck in my next bingo game. Up next, pattern bingo with number 7 as the target pattern. Alas, lady luck seemed to smile upon me. I was down to the last 3 numbers and I could feel victory within my reach and suddenly someone else finished first! So near and yet so far. That is the rush of playing bingo and I could not express how utterly missed the excitement of being on the cusp of winning.

bingo game flatlay

After playing, I decided to do further research through the internet by asking my peers and other experienced online bingo players through the chat room and social media groups, here are some of the tips that I found most useful:

Choose a bingo filipino online game. Study and understand a specific bingo game and try to be very familiar with it.

Select a less crowded bingo room. The more players there are, the less chance you have of winning. Select a bingo room with fewer players for more chances of winning.

Buy more bingo cards. More cards mean more chances of winning.

Make use of the auto-dauber. Many online bingo games have the option of letting the casino automatically mark your cards while playing. This ensures that you will not miss any of the numbers called.

Choose a variety of bingo cards. If possible, select bingo cards that have a variety of numbers. The wider the range of numbers available in your cards, the more chances of winning.

Maximize the chat room. Use the chat room to engage with other players. Try to get to know them, ask for strategies, tips and tricks. Aside from learning ways to become better bingo players, you might also make new friends and acquaintances.

Have fun! Many veteran online bingo Philippines players echoed this statement. Playing and having fun at the same time makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Online Bingo Games: Reflections and Realizations

Playing bingo games online was indeed a wonderful experience for me. It was a challenging experience to be familiarized with playing online but the experience got better once I got used to it. Fellow online bingo players and a dedicated online bingo customer support also made my online bingo experience much smoother.

Make sure that you play in legitimate and licensed online casino platforms that offer bingo. Some of the platforms that I tried and tested were me88, BK8, and GGBet. Only play in proven and authorized online casino platforms.

Playing online bingo has replicated the feeling of excitement in playing bingo in traditional settings. While it cannot replace the physical human interaction, it proves to be an excellent option for people who cannot find the time to play outside or for those who prefer to play it online. I can confidently say that my online bingo experience exceeded my expectations. At first I thought that I would not have that much fun but the experience proved to be more exciting than what I initially expected. I still miss the feeling of playing in traditional bingo halls and socializing with other players in a face-to-face setting but I am comforted with the fact that I have online bingo. I can save time by traveling and going through the stressful traffic. I can also play and enjoy one of my favorite games at the comfort of my home while eating and drinking my favorite snacks. Go ahead and give online bingo a shot! Who knows? You might be the next big bingo winner!

How about you? What was your experience in playing bingo games online? Do you have any tricks and tips that you would like to share? Go ahead and share it in the comment section so all of us can shout B-I-N-G-O!

Daniel Fernando
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