La Salle’s Redemption: Hoisting the UAAP Men’s Basketball Championship After 7 Years

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The La Salle Green Archers have broken the spell, clinching the UAAP men’s basketball championship after seven long years. In a thrilling showdown at the Araneta Coliseum on December 6, they sealed their victory with a 73-69 triumph over the formidable UP Fighting Maroons.

This monumental win not only ends La Salle’s seven-year title drought but also marks their impressive tenth overall victory in the tournament. For the passionate Green Archers, it’s a sweet taste of triumph after years of anticipation. For sports betting enthusiasts, this victory holds special significance as the odds may have shifted throughout the season, presenting both challenges and opportunities for those who placed their bets on the Green Archers. The championship win not only brings glory to the team but also adds an extra layer of excitement for those who are engaged in sports betting on UAAP basketball.

Topex Robinson’s Triumph: A Coach’s Journey to Collegiate Glory with the La Salle Green Archers

In the thrilling saga of UAAP basketball, few stories shine as brightly as that of Topex Robinson, the seasoned head coach of the La Salle Green Archers. With each game, Robinson’s strategic prowess and unwavering determination have been a driving force, but it was in UAAP Season 86 that the narrative took a captivating turn, culminating in a triumphant victory and a long-awaited championship.

Robinson, no stranger to the emotional rollercoaster of coaching, had faced heartbreaks in the past. Yet, he stood resilient, his eyes set on the coveted UAAP championship. The echoes of those past challenges only added depth to the sweet taste of victory that awaited him.

The turning point came in UAAP Season 86, as Robinson, now at the helm of De La Salle University, orchestrated a masterful campaign that culminated in a climactic Game Three against the UP Fighting Maroons. In a tense battle that had fans on the edge of their seats, the Green Archers emerged victorious with a hard-fought 73-69 win, sealing the championship and etching a new chapter in Robinson’s coaching legacy.

For Robinson, this triumph carried a profound significance. It wasn’t just a championship; it was the realization of a dream that had eluded him in the past. The victory marked a monumental milestone in Robinson’s coaching career, as he could finally claim the title of champion. The weight of past heartbreaks was lifted, replaced by the jubilant cheers of victory and the celebratory confetti that rained down on the triumphant Green Archers.

Kevin Quiambao: The MVP Maestro Leading La Salle’s Charge to Season 86 Glory

At the heart of this triumphant tale is Season MVP Kevin Quiambao, proving his mettle and deserving every bit of the top individual award. His leadership and prowess anchored the Green Archers, steering them towards the coveted Season 86 title.

Quiambao’s basketball journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability. Initially discovered in a barangay league, he landed with the Lyceum Junior Pirates. Despite two years without making the roster, his commitment never wavered. Coach LA Mumar, recognizing potential, urged him to model his game after the renowned Nikola Jokić.

In high school, Quiambao earned acclaim as an impactful player who thrived without constant ball possession—a formidable defender with impressive size. Emulating Jokić’s playmaking style, he aspires to transcend traditional positions, aiming for versatility across the court. Shedding weight from 103 to 93 kg underscores his dedication to a more agile and dynamic game.

Quiambao’s Global Odyssey: From 3×3 Debut to DLSU’s Courtside Brilliance

His 3×3 debut at the 2019 FIBA 3×3 U-18 Asia Cup exposed him to international competition, though they faced elimination in the quarterfinals against China.

In a pivotal turn, Quiambao pledged his allegiance to the De La Salle Green Archers on August 1, 2020. The COVID-19 hiatus didn’t halt his progress; he honed his skills in Filipino basketball leagues in Dubai. Prior to Season 85, he showcased his prowess with DLSU in the PBA D-League and the Filoil EcoOil Preseason Cup.

Quiambao’s Next Chapter: A Japanese Sojourn and the Uncharted Paths of Filipino Basketball

As Quiambao contemplates his future, a Japanese vacation awaits. Departing the UAAP early for professional prospects isn’t uncommon, reminiscent of players like Carl Tamayo, who swiftly embraced the Japan B. League after just two seasons with UP. Quiambao’s narrative echoes the evolving landscape of Filipino basketball, where seizing opportunities knows no bounds.

Legacy Beyond the Court: Kevin Quiambao’s Basketball Journey and a Grandfather’s Lasting Influence

Basketball isn’t just a game for Karl Kevin Quiambao; it’s a legacy passed down by his father and grandfather. Growing up in the barangay of Bayanan, he honed his skills in local leagues and looked up to the likes of Ryan Buenafe and Marc Pingris. Born on April 22, 2001, his journey is intricately woven with the sport he loves.

April 22 holds a profound significance, the fourth death anniversary of ‘Tatay’ Dha Argana, his grandfather. Dha Argana, the father figure who impacted the game to him, played an instrumental role in shaping Kevin’s basketball journey. On this poignant day, emotions ran high as Kevin stepped onto the court, contemplating whether to play or not, torn between the game and the memories of growing up with his grandparents.

Despite the emotional weight, Kevin embraced the challenge, fueled by the desire to honor his grandfather’s memory. His eyes set on a bright future, be it in Taft or beyond, he cherishes the timeless memories of his grandfather—then, now, and forever. Beyond the historic feats on the court, winning the championship became more than a triumph; it became a poignant tribute to his Tatay Dha. In Kevin’s words, “Sobrang special for me (‘to championship) dahil ‘yung lolo ko nga, siya ‘yung number one factor kung bakit nagba-basketball pa ako. Tinuro niya sa’kin lahat.” This victory, more than anything, is a celebration of heritage, a heartfelt homage to the roots that made Karl Kevin Quiambao the player he is today.

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